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How much will GPS vehicle tracking cost?
GPS Track USA has several plans to suit your needs. With a carefully chosen plan you will have a low fixed monthly price to track your vehicle.
What type of mapping does GPS Track USA use?
GPS Track USA uses Google mapping which includes a standard map, satellite, and hybrid (lays map over satellite image).
What information is transmitted by the GPS Track USA tracking unit?
Each GPS record consists of the following: Date / Time / Location: Address, City, State, Zip, Speed, Direction.
What is involved in maintaining the system?
There is no maintenance required. Once the GPS tracking device is installed, you are on your way to increased efficiency & productivity.
Can I locate my vehicle before my next update?
GPS Track USA users get 10 locates to use during each month. This gives users the ability to locate a vehicle in between their normal locates.
How do I use the Starter Disable feature?
Locate the starter wire. Connect the white wire on the relay to the starter wire (starter side). Connect the red wire from the relay to the ignition side. Connect the green wire to the starter relay.
How do I use the Door Unlock feature?
Connect the brown wire from the tracking unit to the power unlock wire. The tracking unit sends a negative pulse to unlock the doors. If your vehicle needs a positive pulse, you will need to use a relay to convert the negative to a positive.
I do not want my drivers to be aware of the GPS tracker in the car. Can I install it and track without them knowing?
The answer is "yes!" A good installation is virtually undetectable by the vehicle user.
Is it difficult to install?
It is easy to install for somebody who is handy. The GPS vehicle tracker needs to be placed under the dashboard (with zip ties) and the antennaneeds to be placed under the 'A' pillar of the car. The installation guide provides easy to follow instructions. Most customers are able to install the tracker in under an hour. If you are not particularly handy most garages can install the GPS tracker for around $50.
What if my driver speeds or goes outside the geofence and I am not at my computer?
You can receive alerts to your cell phone telling what the alert is for and their location. For speeding it will say what the speed is. For breaking a geofence, it will give location to within 50 feet, time of day and speed.
How often does the GPS Track USA system locate my vehicle?
Your vehicle is located every 1, 2, or 5 minutes while it is in motion (Depending on the service you purchase). Sometimes your vehicle will be out of cellular coverage but you will still receive these locations when your vehicle comes back into cellular coverage. However, there will be times when your device is hidden from GPS satellites so you will miss these locations but that should be infrequent.
How accurate are the speed and geofence alerts?
The device reports its location every 1, 2, or 5 minutes while in motion. The reported speed is the speed when the location is taken so you will receive a speed alert if your driver is speeding at the instant of the location. The smaller the location interval the smaller the interval your driver can speed without detection. Similarly, with geofence alerts, the entry or exit of a geofence is determined when a location is taken. The smaller the time interval between locations means the sooner you will know when a driver has entered or exited a geofence.
How many geofences are supported?
Virtually unlimited.
How many alert recipients are supported?
You can have 3 alert recipients for each device. A recipient may be either an email address or a cell phone number. If a recipient is a cell phone then the message will be delivered as SMS.
Where will the GPS Track USA unit work?
The GPS Track USA tracking device will work in the US, Canada and Mexico (special pricing / activation needed for Canada and Mexico use).

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