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GPS TRACK USA operates as a turnkey enterprise in the GPS tracking market space. We provide the hardware, tracking service, installation, system implementation, training and if required, custom programming. Because we are an independent distributor  we have the luxury  of selecting the highest quality products at the most advantgeous pricing.  All GPS Tracking systems share the same satellites so once again we have selected the company which, in our opinion and that of many others, provides the most effective and well managed  global wireless network. Our products and services are state of the art and feature rich at very reasonable prices and we are proud to be one of the largest resellers in the midwest.. Because it is our intention to provide customers with a turnkey solution to their tracking needs we have formed alliances with established  companies throughout the US to provide local installation expertise. We began the business as a dealer for Safe Mobile. In addition to selling GPS tracking equipment they are one of the largest 2 way Motorola Radio distributors in the US and Europe. They recently decided to concentrate on their Radio division and GPS TRACK USA purchased the GSM division which further adds to our national reach. Our solutions host an abundance of feature rich products  allowing users to effortlessly locate and control their assets anywhere in the US, and Canada. Where is each vehicle in my fleet Which vehicle is closest to a pickup address How long was a vehicle at the work-site today How far did a vehicle drive this week When did a vehicle get back to the office today How can I detect problem drivers Are vehicles being used after hours or on the weekend How long did a specific vehicle idle today Which of my drivers has the best fuel efficiency We Have The Answer to Most Fleet Managers Questions: Products from GPS TRACK USA reduce the costs, complexities and risks associated with managing mobile assets. Our experience has taught us vertical integration is a key element to the success of any endeavor. As you can see from the foregoing we are vertically aligned from the devices on your vehicles and assets to the satellites providing the tracking. When you call for support on any issue we have access to the solution within our wholly integrated tracking and reporting sphere of alliances. We are your tracking solution. Call us today on  888 415 1896 for more information Tel: 888 415-1896 Tracking Vehicles, Assets and People SmartPhone Monitoring